The beauty and liveability of British Columbia are world-renowned. Unfortunately, it is also well known that the cost of living here, particularly in the Lower Mainland is high. We would appreciate help in any of the areas discussed below which would relieve the cost of sponsorship.


You may donate directly to TCSBC and specify that you wish your donation to support the resettlement project. Just fill out the DONATION FORM and send to TCSBC. You may also contact tcsbcpresident@gmail.com about your donation. Your donation to TCSBC will be tax deductible.

When donating consider an amount that will pay for the cost of one or more of the following for an individual newcomer or group of newcomers:


Please also consider donating items that will be useful to the newcomers. For example:


Finding employment for the Tibetan newcomers is absolutely essential for their well-being, as well as being a major contributing factor to the success of the project as a whole.

The English level of the Tibetan newcomers varies from low to high and it's in their best interest to continue to upgrade their English level to not only enjoy their new life in Canada but also to prepare for the workplace environment in B.C. Often English language training is only part of the week so while they are upgrading their English they are keen to work as well. If you are aware of any full or part-time opportunities, whether entry level (for example, warehouse work, cleaning, stocking products in a supermarket, laborer on construction site) or requiring more expertise and training (home care, using computer applications, word processing, data entry).

please contact us at tcsbcresettlement@gmail.com


Transitional temporary housing or the Tibetan Transition Home is currently being sought for the next round of Tibetan newcomers scheduled to arrive later in 2014. Please let us know at tcsbcresettlement@gmail.com if you can contribute in any way either by a donation to help out with rent, are able to contribute or recommend a good home with reasonable rent, or even a spare bedroom or basement suite that may act as a backup transitional housing until the newcomers can afford rent on the open market.


A key aspect of TCSBC's resettlement plan is matching mentors to a Tibetan newcomer or family. With the help of TCSBC and settlement service organizations like MOSAIC or Immigration Services Society of B.C., you would be responsible for helping orient the newcomer to the Canadian way of life. You would not be expected to contribute financially to the newcomer's sponsorship unless you choose to donate to TCSBC for that purpose (as discussed above). Rather, you would help them with the practical aspects of settlement including learning how to use the local transportation system, help them make good choices about where to shop thrifty, advise on job search and be a companion to listen and answer questions. TCSBC in addition to the settlement services agencies mentioned above will support you in this endeavor.


If you are interested in working with TCSBC to help with the sponsorship of Tibetan newcomers to B.C. please contact us at tcsbcresettlement@gmail.com. Also please visit http://www.projecttibetsociety.ca/ to learn more about the project and find the forms to fill out for sponsorship.

Check out this YouTube video, showing the first arrivals of Tibetan Resettlement program to Vancouver on the 14th of December, 2013: HIS HOLINESS THE 14TH DALAI LAMA IN VANCOUVER TO SUPPORT DISPLACED TIBETANS (short video)

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